In the world of art, boundaries are meant to be pushed, conventions challenged, and creativity allowed to flourish in its most unorthodox forms. In this blog post, we delve into the mesmerizing world of Callibari, exploring our artistic philosophy, dedicated creators, and Callibari’s first exhibition, “Uncaging,” taking place at Bar Bario from October 13th to November 4th, 2023, between 7 PM and midnight.

A Journey Through “Uncaging”

“Uncaging” is Callibari’s debut exhibition, an artistic manifestation of our exploration into the theme. Hosted at Bar Bario and organized by Ptah Collective, this group exhibition promises to be a visual and emotional journey like no other. It is an invitation to witness the collision of human expression, intricate craftsmanship, and boundless creativity.

The Essence of Callibari: Uncaging Creativity

Callibari is more than just an art form; it’s a profound exploration of the theme of “Uncaging.” Drawing inspiration from the world of shibari, where individuals find liberation within restraint, and the world of calligraphy, where creativity dances within structured lines, Callibari takes these principles and weaves them into a unique tapestry of expression.

The beauty of Callibari lies in its ability to confront the concept of objectification head-on. Through the meticulous act of binding and painting, it transforms the human form into an exquisite objet d’art. However, this objectification is not a diminishment of humanity but rather an elevation of essence into a captivating visual and emotional spectacle.

The essence of Callibari is to break free from conventions, to meld ropes and strokes, struggle and beauty, torture and trust, composition and genuine human experience. Each element represents both freedom and restraint, inviting viewers to embark on an artistic odyssey that challenges boundaries and uncovers the beauty born from the fusion of unique individuals, complex craftsmanship, and collective artistry.

Meet the Visionaries Behind Callibari

Callibari emerged in 2022 when artists came together for a performance at Toekomstmuziek, curated by Raymond van Dijken. This performance served as a revelation, revealing the remarkable chemistry between the artists and sparking the desire to take their collaboration to new heights.

Callibari is not just a concept; it’s the harmonious convergence of four artists, each contributing their unique talents to this captivating fusion. Imagine a quirky family of artists who, surprisingly, work together seamlessly. This eclectic art collective consists of:

  1. Kim Jones (Model): The living canvas upon which Callibari’s artistry takes form. More info >>
  2. Nicolle Bötcher (Calligraphy Artist): The master of strokes, bringing a calligraphic element to the artwork. More info >>
  3. RopeMarks (Shibari/Kinbaku Expert): The expert in the art of binding, adding depth and symbolism to the compositions. More info >>
  4. Ofir Abe (Photographer): The eye behind the lens, capturing the essence of Callibari in stunning visuals. More info >>

Together, we form a creative powerhouse that thrives on mutual trust and the synergy of their individual talents. Callibari has been supported by Mor.lov in creating the musical soundscape of Callibari and Elke van Achterberg, who has crafted visually captivating videos to complement their work.

In conclusion

Callibari is more than art; it’s an experience, a movement, and a celebration of the limitless boundaries of creativity. As “Uncaging” unfolds, it challenges us all to look beyond the ordinary, to see beauty in restraint, and to embrace the uncaged spirit of artistic expression. Join Callibari on this unforgettable journey of creativity and liberation at Bar Bario – Bilderdijkstraat 186 – Amsterdam.