A true work of art

Kim Jones is a Luxembourgish model with South Korean roots who is currently based in Amsterdam. With over 5 years of experience in the industry, Kim is not only a model but also a true work of art. She takes pleasure in exploring her limits in every way possible. Kim’s life is driven by an irrational fear of memory loss. Therefore, she finds comfort in being captured through the lens of a camera, so that she can look back and empathize with the present moment. Despite the personal nature of her art, Kim chooses to share it with the public.

Grace and mystery

Kim possesses an enchanting combination of grace and mystery that allows her to control the stage, even when she is at the mercy of her surroundings. Her performances are truly remarkable, as she effortlessly transitions from being a human to becoming a canvas, and from being submissive to dominant-all while maintaining a captivating gaze and a natural sense of beauty

““Modeling is really silent acting”