Meet the Collective

Callibari is a melting pot of unique talents and skills, coming together to create a performance that immerses and engages the audience in a way that goes beyond individual contributions. Our goal is to inspire others to explore the potential of merging different art forms, to create something genuinely exceptional.

NICOLLEArt director / Calligrapher
“Calligraphy demands a delicate balance of freedom and constraint. It allows me to express a vast range of emotions and concepts.”

“Japanese rope bondage is essentially an erotic/sexual activity. That’s how it got my attention, because of my own sexuality.”

“My irrational fear of memory loss, drives me to be captured through the lens in order to look back and be able to emphathize with the current now.”

OFIR ABEPhotographer
“I like to explore new and creative ways of capturing subjects, resulting in images that are both visually striking and emotionally captivating.”


Immerse yourself in the obscurity of the unknown as we, a collective of artists, unite to showcase the enigmatic arts of Calligraphy and Shibari. Our secretive world gave birth to an extraordinary live performance that blends the intricacy of Calligraphy and the sensuality of Shibari with music, photography, fashion and more.

Our unconventional art fusion has resulted in some of the most captivating and sensual live shows you will ever witness. Each member of our art collective brings their unique expertise to create an immersive experience that traditional art forms cannot match. After years of dedication to our craft, we have curated a magnificent repertoire that is unleashed on the Callibari playground.

We believe that the avant-garde has the power to unite individuals and bring us closer to understanding ourselves and the world around us. You can join us on an expedition of exploration and discovery too. Experience the thrill of a Callibari performance as we persistently push the limits of what is achievable in the world of ink, skin, and ropes!

Step into our world and enter the playground of Callibari.

“Of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most.”

Every Callibari Member (and MARK TWAIN)

Behind The Scenes

If you thought regular art collectives were weird, let me introduce you to the world of shibari and calligraphy. Yes, that’s right, we combine the ancient Japanese art of rope bondage with the delicate strokes of calligraphy. It’s like Cirque du Soleil meets ink and paper. Behind the scenes, it’s a chaotic blend of ropes, ink, and bodies contorted into strange positions. We spend hours debating the perfect knot to represent the letter “A”, or the ideal font to use for a particular phrase. And don’t even get me started on the challenges of keeping the ink from spilling onto the ropes. But somehow, it all comes together in a beautiful and bizarre masterpiece.