Amsterdam’s art scene was recently graced with the debut exhibition of Callibari. The event took place at Bar Bario as part of the ‘Uncaging’ group exhibition organized by Ptah Collective, an evening filled with music, live arts, and a lively Q&A session. Callibari’s participation in this exhibition marked the beginning of an exciting journey for the collective. Let’s delve into the magic that unfolded during this event and explore the artworks that we presented.

The ‘Uncaging’ Experience

The ‘Uncaging’ group exhibition by Ptah Collective was an immersive experience that brought together an eclectic mix of artists, each contributing their unique perspective on the theme of liberation and freedom. Callibari joined this remarkable event with their series of mixed art media pieces, showcasing our distinct style and vision.

Exploring the submitted Artworks

Callibari exhibited three breathtaking pieces from the 2022 series, each exemplifying the marriage of our eclectic art and the compelling themes we explore.

  1. ‘Welcome to the Playground’ (A0 – 118.9 x 84.1 cm)

‘Welcome to the Playground’ stands as a monumental piece that captivates viewers with its grandeur. This A0-sized artwork is a striking example of Callibari’s style, drawing you into our world of intricate details and hidden stories. The mixed media approach, blending Plexiglas, photography, calligraphy paint, and Shibari rope, leaves an authentic impression, and challenging the boundaries of presenting art in general.

  1. ‘Latrodectus’ (A1 – 84.1 x 59.4 cm)

Named after the infamous black widow spider, ‘Latrodectus’ is an A1-sized masterpiece that exemplifies Callibari’s ability to evoke emotions and provoke thought our art. Although born out of improvisation, this piece resonated with us with a sense of horror, encapsulating an its enigmatic nature. One of our favourite pieces for sure.

  1. ‘Paint My Words’ (A1 – 84.1 x 59.4 cm)

‘Paint My Words’ carries on with the series, upholding the A1 size format, while vividly portraying the transition of thoughts from the mind to the page. With this piece, Callibari presents a thought-provoking exploration of language and bondage, merging both in a interesting display.

The Future of Callibari

The success of Callibari’s debut exhibition has fueled our enthusiasm to showcase our art to a broader audience. The collective has already started planning for future exhibitions and events, eager to continue pushing the boundaries of what mixed media art can achieve. The way we approach our creative experiments, combining various art forms and presenting them genuinely, is paving the way for a fusion of mediums that’s shaping into a mature ‘Callibari’ style for the future.

On the picture: ‘Welcome to the Playground’.

On the picture: Kim presenting ‘Paint my words’.