Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey where kink meets art, creativity and fantasy. Mark your calendars for the 25th of November, as Callibari takes stage in Amsterdam at the legendary Wasteland party. This electrifying event is a playground for those who dare to be different, embrace their desires without prejudice, and thrive on the edge of exploration.

Three different acts

Callibari performs three unforgettable acts that will transport you into a world of artistic exploration:

  • Act 1: RopeMarks skillfully guides you into the enchanting realm of Kinbaku where ropes intertwine with the human form. This is a breathtaking and pervy spectacle.
  • Act 2: Nicolle Bötcher unleashes her creativity, using calligraphy to transform a body into a sexy living canvas. This stunning artwork enfolds right before your eyes.
  • Act 3: The grand finale, where the worlds of art and kink are merged into an extraordinary display known as Callibari.

Get ready to be spellbound as we bring these three acts together and create an experience that will leave you in awe.

Embrace the Unconventional

Wasteland is not your average party. It’s a sanctuary where individuality and self-expression reign supreme. If you’ve ever yearned for a space where you can fully embrace your wildest fantasies, Wasteland is the place to be. From extravagant costumes to daring outfits, attendees are encouraged to push the boundaries of their creativity. The dress code is rigorously checked by the Doorbitches, ensuring that everyone contributes to the unique and immersive atmosphere.

Don’t miss out

Don’t Miss Out: If you’re ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of self-discovery, make sure to secure your spot at Wasteland on the 25th of November. Visit their official website, Wasteland Amsterdam, to get all the details about the event and purchase your tickets.