It’s all about the connection

All of the great rope work you see in our Callibari projects was done by RopeMarks, Bob. Where shibari (bondage, kinbaku) is something he started with his partner at the age of 17, he is now one of the big names in the field and well deserved after being a professional for over 23 years.

“Japanese rope bondage is essentially an erotic/sexual activity. That’s how it got my attention, because of my own sexuality.” When people started noticing Bob’s work at certain parties and events, many new opportunities opened up for him. This allowed him to step outside his own comfort zone and work with new people to create together. Bob also does the latter through Callibari, where he can present his work in ways no one has ever seen before.

Tying til your fingers hurt

Usually Bob has no message to convey through his work, but there are many interpersonal and technical details hidden in his rope work. These nuances are often only visible to experts in the field. “The placement of the rope and in a certain knot or the look in the eyes. Hands that talk or an expression that says more than words can ever do…”

There is so much more to Bob than just this, so for more information visit his website

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“Shibari is 90% emotional. The other half is technical.”


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