A delicate balance of freedom and constraint

Meet Nicolle Bötcher, the artist behind Callibari’s stunning calligraphy and lettering art and our creative director. Since the tender age of 7, Nicolle has been experimenting with letterforms and has since broadened her artistic palette as a graphic designer. Her love of calligraphy and lettering has taken her on many journeys learning about different cultures such as Arabic in the Middle-East, dance, street art and now shibari.

Challenging craft to master

Nicolle’s passion for merging art forms and creating something new is evident in every project. Although calligraphy is a challenging craft to master, she finds immense pleasure in perfecting her skills. “I would encourage others to learn calligraphy, but it is a considerable time investment” she laughs: “Calligraphy demands a delicate balance of freedom and constraint. Making a mistake is brutal because it throws everything off balance.”

Traditional x modern blend

Nicolle’s art is a unique blend of traditional and modern lettering, drawing inspiration from various forms of art such as street art, theater, dance and design. Through this fusion, she strives to break away from the antiquated principles of traditional hand lettering and bring a fresh perspective to its image. Her focus is on deconstructing and exploring the true essence of words and letters, with the aim of illuminating their meaning through her artwork.

For more art and projects visit her website and click the link below.

Nicolle Bötcher

“Making a mistake is brutal because it throws everything off balance.”