In our artistic journey, we’ve found that magic happens when diverse talents merge. This belief came to life when we invited Lea Ellemann to the Callibari playground. As an interdisciplinary artist, Lea Ellemann employs her design expertise to investigate emotional healing through bodily restraint. Additionally, she delves into crafting a performative language guided by the dynamic relationship between the wearer and her garments. Collaborating with RopeMarks, an authority in body restriction, and Nicolle Bötcher, a specialist in visual language, was a seamless fit.

Unveiling Artistic Fusion

Our journey with Lea Ellemann combined shibari, calligraphy, garment design, photography, and modeling. The result defied norms within our individual disciplines, creating an extraordinary sensory experience. United by a fascination with shapes and patterns, Lea’s garment expertise complemented our exploration of Callibari’s beauty. Lea Ellemann worked closely together on the concept of the garment with Kim Jones and Nicolle Bötcher and blended the ideas into her own design.

Collaborative work

Collaborative work in the arts is like blending colors on a canvas. Everyone brings their unique viewpoint, but the real beauty comes when we share our values and ideas. By making suggestions and finding middle ground, we created a finished piece that’s a mix of everyone’s input—a true masterpiece born from teamwork.

Two Captivating Series

Our partnership bore fruit in the form of two distinct and captivating series, each capturing a unique facet of our shared exploration.

Series 1: Intricacies of Shibari Tying

Lea Ellemann’s garments merged with our shibari and calligraphy. Woven ropes and designs became an artistic symphony, showcasing the harmony between shibari, calligraphy, and garment design.

Series 2: Elevating Art through Suspension, Sound, Shapes, and Movement

Our second series pushes boundaries. Suspension takes center stage, shibari and calligraphy dance with movement, and sound adds complexity. Tension and harmony mesmerize.

A Glimpse into the Future

Our journey with Lea Ellemann inspires and bridging fashion with our arts and style. As we look ahead, we’re excited for unexplored artistic territories.

In a world where knots blend with fabric, calligraphy flows, and time meets movement, the Callibari x Lea Ellemann collaboration shows interdisciplinary art’s power. Pushing boundaries, we embrace audacious exploration, enriching our woven artistic tapestry.

Garment: Lea Ellemann
Shibari: RopeMarks
Calligraphy: Nicolle Botcher
Photography: Ofir Abe
Model: Kim Jones